P-low diets; requirements and accretion of Phosphate

The actual phosphorus-need of broilers and pigs and the relationship between phosphorus supply and the performance of these animals will be studied in this project. If farmers then are willing to give their animals phosphor-poor feed, this will contribute to the reduction of phosphate emission in the Netherlands.


In the Netherlands, targets are formulated to reduce phosphate excretion from animal husbandry by use of phosphate-low diets. Accurate information about the phosphate-requirements and phospate-accretion of broilers and growing-finishing pigs, however, is lacking. The goal of this project is to determine the actual phosphate-need of these animals and to investigate the effects of phosphate-low diets on animal-performance and bone strength. Based on this information, the available phospate-requirements and phosphate-accretion of broilers and growing-finishing pigs can be determined. This might stimulate the use of low-P diets, which aim to reduce phosphate excretion in the Netherlands by 20 million tonnes compared to the excretion level of 2010. The results of these studies will be available around summer 2012.