As a result of the tightening of the manure policy in the 4th Action Programme of the Nitrates Directive, less phosphate can be placed on agricultural land and the phosphate surplus in the form of animal manure will further increase. Through manure speartion and manure processing techniques different manure fractions can be formed with better options to apply on land inside the Netherlands or to export outside the Dutch agriculture (to foreign agricultural practices or industries who require phosphate minerals as resources). In order to achieve a sustainable processing animal manure, energy-dense and important nutrients, it is important that processing routes explored, developed and Implemented, so contributing to solving the national mineral surplus.


The main objectives of the project are:
  • Development of process routes for the processing and marketing of liquid and solid manure fractiosn from pig slurrty.
  • Investigation of the consequences in practice.
  • Presenting the results and discussing potential scale implementation withs stakeholders and actors
  • Evaluation of the findings and plan for possible scaling.
  • Setting up buisness cases