Pig vitality

Optimal growth, improved welfare and economic efficiency in pig farming.

The programme “Pig vitality” has started some years ago and includes several projects with a common goal: improving the results in pig husbandry, by improving growth, animal welfare and economic efficiency. The success factors in practice have been determined to be involved in hygiene, animal health, nutrition, housing, climate, management of the finishing pigs and the qualities of the farmer. Improvement can specifically be reached in:

  • Animal nutrition: feed composition and feeding management
  • Quality of the piglet: health and vitality of the piglets upon arrival at the farm
  • Biosecurity: protecting animal health within the farm itself as well as against external hazards

To further investigate these factors, following projects have been executed in 2010 and 2011:

  • Investigating feed materials and nutrient composition
  • Developing new feeding systems for growing and finishing pig
    • Learning piglets to eat
    • Feeding in proportion
    • Dry feed in long feeding-troughs
  • Weighing systems for the future
  • Piglet quality

At the moment new projects are running at Pig Innovation Centre Sterksel, on the influence of the genetic background of piglets, birth weight and feeding schedule on farm results. Experimental results are expected in July 2013.