Project: One health

Within the Graduate school PE&RC One Health is an important focal point. Humans, crops, livestock, and wild animals and plants are constantly being challenged by pests and (new) diseases.

The objective of this theme is to generate more understanding of:

  • The ecological processes behind the epidemiology of diseases and the outbreak of pests and their adjustment to new environmental and biological conditions;
  • The role of biodiversity in regulating disease spread;
  • The genetics of parasites and pathogens, hosts and vectors as related to the risks of disease incidence, development of resistance to control measures, and development of new disease control strategies; integrative ecological-economic approaches to disease control.

Sanja Selakovic will explore existing One Health datasets, which have become increasingly large and therefore often remain understudied. The approach will be developed within the research theme, e.g., by initiating novel collaborative projects centred around synergistic data analysis between the One Health PE&RC groups and by intensifying existing collaborations.