Public-private cooperation in spatial development

Dissertation on the production and interactive construction of discourses in spatial planning, and the meaning given to it by governments, market parties, civil society organizations and citizens.


Aim is to find out why and how public and private parties were going to cooperate in spatial development policy, development planning and regional development, and why and how the cooperation eventually took place. What perspective offers this to spatial planning?



  • Concepts and frames for assessment for public-private partnerships.
  • Analysis of empirical assessment of public and private partnerships.

It will show how knowledge of PPP in area development can be translated to PPP in top sectors. Main goal is to point out a number of weaknesses in public private partnership that can be improved. For example how to deal with PPP in times of economic decline: how to deal with risks?


  • Scientific publications in peer reviewed books and journals
  • Social publications in widely accessible journals
  • Powerpoint Presentations

Timeline approach

In the fourth quarter of 2011, there were many abstracts submitted for papers for prestigious international conferences and international journals. In 2012 these abstracts will be elaborated in papers and articles. The other articles will be programmed for the thesis.