SWEEPER, the sweet pepper harvesting robot

SWEEPER’s main objective is to put the first generation greenhouse harvesting robots onto the market. SWEEPER optimises the cultivation system by simplifying the harvest through the use of a robot. In order to improve the level of the robot’s cognitive skills, crop models will be used to determine the approximate location of the peppers. This ‘model-based vision’ will improve and accelerate fruit detection. Based on the insights from the CROPS project, sensors will only be placed on the gripper.

In the world of greenhouse horticulture there is a great need to automate labour. The availability of employees who want to perform repetitive tasks under challenging climatic conditions is rapidly decreasing. At the same time, the robotisation of this work offers a wealth of advanced technological possibilities. Watch the video and see how the SWEEPER-robot works in the greenhouse:

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News about Sweeper:

En Francais - vidéo sweeper au salon AgriFoodTech:

This project was funded by the Horizon 2020 EU funding programme for research and innovation as part of the grant agreement number 644313.

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