Social media and social entrepeneurship

In this reflexive research we look at the different ways social media offer to create and build on social relations and social capital for self-organization.

Due to the very broad range of possibilities, activities and tools, it is logical to assume that through social media many forms and degrees of social capital emerge, which people invest in achieving societal goals. The objective of the research is to give a nuanced understanding of the origin and functioning of social networks and social capital through social media, and of the activation, cashing and perpetuation of these networks through social entrepreneurship. This understanding offers tools for social entrepreneurship to also use these online ways, but also for the facilitating government to be able to relate to the varied social capital of social entrepreneurship. Furthermore, it offers tools for network organizations (such as community work) to support, educate and participate networks when necessary and appropriate.

The research includes literature review, case studies and active participation in (online) networks. In addition to these active participation in discussions on online networks and platforms (blogs, tweets, posts, Prezi, etc. of intermediate ideas, explorations and findings) and active expansion and consolidation of our practice and research network, our theoretical and empirical findings will result in a booklet in the series Zodoenwijdathier!