Socio-economic value of ecosystem services and products of Bonaire

Socio-economic values ​​of ecosystem services and products of Bonaire are mapped. This can support policy making on nature conservation.


Nature is the main economic pillar of Bonaire, with the result that the economic development of the island almost entirely depends on it. In this study for Bonaire - partly as a model for other BES islands - a socio-economic valuation of the relevant ecosystem services is made, such as mangroves and coral reefs. This will give policymakers the information and analyzes that can serve as economic arguments for funding and implementation of conservation measures.

The report indicates more insight into the socio-economic implications of different development scenarios for Bonaire, value cards, calculating the economic contributions of different ecosystems to the economy of Bonaire. Specific results are estimates of the costs and benefits of proposed or selected management measures, and derived policy recommendations towards policy makers.