Spreading the risk of innovations

The objective is: 1) to analize specific examples of failed and/or succeeded system innovations with respect to the related types of risks and the applied instruments for support and 2) to make a list of available instruments to support risky innovations and recommend which risky innovations should be supported by the government.


Some innovations area accompanied by great investments and great financial risks. This can lead to bankruptcy if innovations fail.

  1. Which types of innovations and types of risks can be distinguished
  2. Which instruments are available for spreading the risks for differente types of nentrepeneurs (pioneers, early adopters), and which types of investments (theme’s or subjects) should be supported by the government.


The results must give insight in the types of innovations and related risks, the potential support instruments to spread risks and for which innovations the government should guarantee.  

Deliverables will be: research report, articles and information on websites and a meeting to transfer the knowledge to the different target groups.