Surrounding-oriented agriculture

Agriculture faces the task to transform itselve into an surrounding-oriented agriculture. The opportunity for growth in the future depends heavily on the space that the entrepreneur receives from its surroundings.

A dairy farmer who wants to increase his stable has more and more to do with wishes of neighbors, citizens and governments. Without setting focus on the surrounding there is no growth and development space. For many parties in the agricultural sector this is  a new way with the environment and their business to go.

The goal of this project is to encourage farmers to undertake environmental focus.

In 2010, within the framework of the policy supporting research on agriculture in its social environment, a vision shaped how an Internet portal oriented environment encourages entrepreneurship. Subsequently, a prototype developed and tested by representatives of the target group.

The result is that the portal 'surrounding-oriented agribusiness' encourages farmers and entrepreneurs of the future to think about their surroundings in the development of their (future) company.