Trends, perspectives and strategies for organic farmers to reach the 2020 goals

In joint coöperation with many organic dairy farmers this project presents trends, perspectives and some strategies for organic farmers to reach the 2020 goals.

In this project the organic dairy farming is seen as an integrated system. Therefore the strategies are system strategies, build on thematic results of most recent research projects, if possible also of the 2010 research projects.

Approach and timeline

Organic dairy farmers need a new perspective on the 2020 horizon. With these perspectives all farmers can make up their own strategy, how to reach the 2020 goal(s). Many organic dairy farmers will participate in this project, to discuss the perspectives, the societal trends and the strategies that can be destillated out of it. Some of the farmers already have a integrated sustainable strategy nowadays. It is a challenge to explicit and decontextualise these strategies into lessons and inspirations for other farmers in their specific context.


Contribution to the  new 2020 vision of Natuurweide (organisation of organic dairy producers).

A set of 6 – 10 scenario’s describing the possible directions and speed of societal developments. And inspiring strategies of some (the number has to be decided yet) organic dairy farmers, collected in a report, DVD or other communicationproduct (that has to be decided also).