Value chain analysis in fresh fruit and vegetable supply sector

Modelling and organization of the Croatian agi-food chains so that they are able to deliver what is required meeting national and international market requirements under prerequisite standards.

Objectives of the project

The mail goal of the project is profound training of agriculture/economy related scientists and students in the analysis of agri-food chains according to the modern market systems.

Project would also enable elaboration of curriculum and Agri universities' teaching materials which will be used for educational programmes for the agri-food chains analysis.

Precondition to the above mentioned is establishment of the actual state in the Croatian production sector related to the producer groups and agri-food chains, the conditions that are necessary for a strong establishment of those chains (production capacity, alignment with the quality standards, cold storages, refining capacities, market approaches and marketing support).

Upon in depth analysis are made, the project will present different possibilities and suggestions will be made with the purpose of improving the new system with continuous training and education, as well as achieving successful collaborations and partnerships with the experienced participants of the food chain in the international markets.


  • Assessment of learning needs and gaps at universities, vocational schools, extension service (2012)
  • Curriculum adjusted and teaching material developed for the students at universities, vocational schools and extension service (2013) (recommendations for curriculum update; development of new teaching materials)
  • PhD Dissertation in the area of value chain development (not within framework of BOCI, but linkages will be made to Wageningen UR, and opportunities will be explored for other funding)