WAWARIA - WasteWater Reuse for Irrigation in Arid Region

The overarching objective of the pilot project Waste Water Reuse for Irrigation in Algeria (WAWARIA) is to demonstrate the potential to safely valorise waste water treated and polished with membrane based filtration for irrigation purposes.

The project consists of installing three irrigation plot for tomatoes, potatoes and cucumber that will be irrigated with 3 water quality:

i) traditional water for irrigation (ground water),

ii) current treated waste water,

iii) tertiary polished water with membrane.

In order to implement the project, an ELTSO-NRO Fusion membrane filtration device will polishe the waste water produced by the Waste Water Treatment Works of the city of Ouargla then stored and used for irrigation through dripping irrigation device defined by Alterra. Ground water and treated waste water will irrigate identical irrigation device to compare crop growth, heavy metals and organic compounds in water, soil and plants. The project is co-managed by Alterra and ONA, our Partners are Eltso NRO-Fusion, PB Techniek, INRAA, The ONID and University Ouargla.