Algae production in horticulture

The production of algae appears to offer prospects for horticultural businesses. Some entrepreneurs have their own small-scale algae production systems up and can collect already first experiences with the cultivation of algae.

The agreements of algae cultivation systems with production systems for horticultural crops from a design standpoint large: algae need light, water and nutrients, CO2 and an optimal climate needed to grow. Horticultural businesses have much experience and optimal control to the growing conditions of their current crops,  they have experience with air and water treatment systems. To use this experience for the cultivation of algae is obvious.

The goal of this project is a quantitative analysis including the strengths and weaknesses of current algae systems and a road map to improve existing systems.

The project has led to an open knowledge in the field of algae culture in horticulture. The current systems by growers are analyzed by using physical models suggestions for improvement are maded.

Based on the knowledge and experience in horticulture and cultivation techniques the group has developed new ideas for an energy efficient algal cultivation. The algae growers intend to develop jointly specific knowledge of algae cultivation systems for horticulturet. They also need  a development of generic decision support model , and the creation of experimental knowledge in algae cultivation systems. The current project was he first step to arrive at a good high-cultivation system for cultivation of algae, whether or not in combination with horticultural production in the future.