ALTER-Net - Long-term Biodiversity, Ecosystem and Awareness Research Network

ALTER-Net's main objective is to achieve lasting integration amongst its 24 partner institutes, and others, all of whom are involved in biodiversity research, monitoring and/or communication. By the end of the project, ALTER-Net should have brought about sufficient change to the way these organisations work, so that they operate in a far more integrated fashion than before the start of the project. It will do this by addressing integration at the top-level (e.g. setting common research agendas) and also by developing commons tools and methodologies that enable a more integrated approach. ALTER-Net will, in collaboration with a range of national and international organisations, develop integrated research agendas focussing on priority policy issues.


  • Integration of national centres of excellence in biodiversity research and social science;
  • Integration of environmental and socio-economic approaches;
  • Development of a network of multi-functional long-term ecosystem research platforms (LTER);
  • Development of a partnership between research scientists, science communicators and science-based visitor centres;
  • Development of a science-policy link to improve information exchange related to biodiversity assessment;
  • Development of a framework for a distributed data, information and knowledge management system.

ALTER-Net will also encourage research, management and cultural changes within and between its component organisations through support for training and communication activities to promote the spread of excellence.

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