PhD - Exploring Alternative Futures for entity Energy Landscapes

The aim of this PhD research is to develop an environmental design framework for landscapes with renewable energy generation as primary function, here referred to as ‘entity energy landscapes’.

Entity energy landscapes are characterized by a vast spatial expanse and visual dominance of energy technologies. They consist of a single or multiple types of technologies such as wind turbines, solar panels, biomass facilities, energy transport and storage facilities. Entity energy landscapes are needed in order to achieve the renewable energy targets set in the Paris Agreement along with other smaller-scale and local energy landscapes (Sijmons et al. 2017). The great majority of current energy landscapes in the Netherlands belong to the latter category of ‘component energy landscapes’ where energy technologies represent one of the many layers in the landscape (Pasqualetti & Stremke, 2018). Read more.

This PhD study is a collaboration between the Amsterdam University of the Arts/Academy of Architecture and the chair group Landscape Architecture/Wageningen University.

Promotor: Adri van den Brink
Co-promoter and daily supervisor: Sven Stremke