Assessing the potential of land restoration in delivering climate change adaptation in Senegal

A PhD Research by Vivian Onyango

Research introduction

Impacts of climate hazards in the global south affect nature-based sectors such as water, agriculture and forestry with severe consequences on the livelihoods of millions rural dwellers. These consequences can be worsen by their interactions with other social, environmental, economic and political factors that can affect ability to respond and recover.

Research challenges

This research will evaluate the current interventions on land restoration to assess their contribution to adaptation to climate change of these rural dwellers. It aims to improve our understanding of the extent to which current restoration efforts help conserve and their contribution to reduce local population vulnerability to climate extremes. Taking an inter-disciplinary research perspective, it will analyze restoration frames, their application in practise and their adaptation benefits to finally identify their strengths and possible barriers to improvement. As final recommendation, this research will suggest ways through which the design of restoration initiatives can support climate resilient development and the correspondent possible pathways.