Big Data Quantification and Modelling for Modern Agriculture in China

China has developed rapidly in the past decades in industry and service business. Agricultural production is shifting from small-scale farming to large-scale production base invested by big investors. However, the development of agriculture lags behind other industries. China has cooperated internationally, especially with the Netherlands, Israel, and USA on agricultural projects by integrating the experience and technology into Chinese conditions. However, while there is some empirical information available on agricultural production, no systematic information is available that allows policy makers, investors and producers to have a quantitative and comprehensive understanding of modern agriculture from production and economic perspectives.

This project aims to quantify the agricultural data in China and develop the greenhouse and open field crop growth models and agricultural economics model specifically for Chinese condition and validate and apply the models in China. By collecting data from Chinese modern agricultural production bases, analysing data, developing models, this project provides quantitative information for decision-making and management strategies for Chinese agricultural practitioners: form investors, equipment suppliers, agricultural producers and to sellers.

Data from greenhouses will be quantified and calculated in an economics perspective of view, which is mainly contributed by Business Economics Group of Wageningen University.