Bulk sorting

Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research and Optiserve BV have developed an accurate and large capacity sorting machine.

Reducing waste, using natural resources efficiently and saving energy are key concepts in a sustainable world. To bring these objectives for companies in the agro-food industry within reach, Food & Biobased Research and sorting specialist Optiserve BV have developed a new generation of sorting machines. Applying the latest technology we delivered a flexible sorting solution that combines high accuracy with a large capacity.

Quality inspection in bulk sorting

Together with Optiserve B.V. we have developed the inspection software for their novel machine line, the Xcalibur. This machine has an entirely modular design, with support from one or more  cameras, colour, infrared or hyperspectral measurement. The software can be extended via plug-ins, so that solutions for specific problems can be rapidly implemented. We have developed a calibration procedure for colour and size which guarantees an absolute and repeatable sorting result.

Process overview

Capacity and accuracy are key to bulk sorting. In addition to this, flexibility is central:

  1. the ability to adapt the sorting to a broad range of products, from french fries to beans, from rice to carrots.
  2. The possibility to include all relevant quality aspects, such as deviations in colour, shape and damage to the product.

NIR inspection has been developed to look inside the product at its constituents. Also conveniently adjustable so that overview of the process remains where it belongs: in your hands.