Circular Agronomy

Circular Agronomy is a European research project aiming to close nutrient cycles in agri-food chain. Our groups leads a workpackage and hosts one of the six case studies.

Circular Agronomics (CA) provides a comprehensive synthesis of practical solutions to improve the current Carbon (C), Nitrogen (N) and Phosphorus (P) cycling in European agro-ecosystems and related up- and down-stream processes within the value-chain of food production. This project aims to: (i) increase the understanding of C, N, P flows and the related potential to reduce environmental impacts at farm and regional level under different bio-geographical conditions; (ii) close loops within cropland farming, from livestock to cropland farming and to increase the reuse of waste/wastewater from food-industry to improve soil fertility and to increase nutrient use efficiency; (iii) highlight the performance of different prototypes of agro-ecological systems and increase sustainability of food production in the EU; and (iv) contribute to the improvement of the European Agricultural Policies by providing evidence based, farmer led and consumer relevant recommendations for the agri-food chain.