In an interdisciplinary cooperation of landscape architects, urban climatologists and GIS specialists we work on a tool that helps citizens and municipalities to take fast action on urban climate adaptation via a smartphone app- the CLIMADAPTOOL.

We acquired funding for a new research project via the AMS stimulus fund. The research project aims at generating the CLIMADAPTOOL- a data system and smartphone app which shows high resolution maps, indicating urban climate problems (such as heat stress) and potentials for improvement. Also, the CLIMADAPTOOL provides a recommendation map with location specific interventions for urban climate improvement and an extensive catalogue with concrete adaptation measures.

Project team

The project leader is Sanda Lenzholzer and the project team consists of Gert-Jan Steeneveld from the Meteorology and Air Quality group, the start-up firm Gert Sterenborg, the municipality of Amsterdam and the ANMEC foundation.