ClimINVEST – Tools for climate-resilient investment

The financial cost of climate change is raising in many regions of the world. ClimINVEST aims to develop tailored information tools on physical climate risk for financial decision makers, in close cooperation between climate scientists and investors.

Across the world, businesses’ operations are increasingly affected by extreme weather events or slow changes in temperature and sea levels. The financial impacts can be far-reaching. Recent examples of flooding and sea surges caused damage on the production facilities, interruptions in supply chains and in the transportation of workers and goods. Heat waves can threaten agriculture production and disable workers.

Climate scientists expect that the frequency and severity of natural hazards such as windstorms, sea-surges, heavy precipitation, floods, droughts and heat waves to increase. Impacts that scientists were expecting over a much longer time horizon, like sea level rise, are already happening today, worsened by extreme weather events.

On the positive side, new business opportunities arise in developing climate-resilient and low-carbon goods and services.

Yet investors currently lack tools to assess how these physical changes could affect their assets in specific sectors or locations.

ClimINVEST is bringing climate scientists and investors together to develop improved indicators, tools and maps on physical climate risk.

We aim to improve the information flow between science and investors and facilitate disclosure of climate risk in investment portfolios, in accordance with the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). 

The international, scientific consortium behind the ClimINVEST project is specialized in assessing climate impacts and developing tailored climate services and tools. 

The role of Wageningen Environmental Research: collaboration with Dutch instutional investors, WP3 lead on mapping and visualising physical climate risk for investors.


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