The project CONNECT4ACTION is designed for the early identification of consumer rejection of new food technologies. Increasing the awareness of food technologists regarding consumer needs and the role of internal and external communication in the innovation process, are also important elements in this project.


Despite developments in technology, product design and marketing, most new products are not successfully commercialised. Research into new product introductions in the retail grocery industry suggests that the failure rate for new product introduction in this field is as high as 70-80%. Given the fact that the success of innovations depends on consumers accepting novel products, it is important to know the needs and preferences of consumers. Connecting all key players in a dialogue will help to respond better to consumer wishes and reduce innovation failures. Dialogue between key players with different expertise, will help to improve the food technology development and commercialisation process. To support the dialogue between these stakeholders, an online CONNECT4ACTION community is established. This community consists of a website, Wikipedia-like interactive sharing points, LinkedIN-groups, online questionnaires and Twitter.