Cultural geographies of sound

By Karolina Doughty - How does music and sound connect people to the diverse places and spaces of everyday life? In what ways do sound and music reconfigure social and material spaces? If we tune our analytical attention into the background, what does this bring to our understanding of the affective and emotional textures of the various spaces of the everyday? This study examines the more-than-representational registers of sound, asking how sound comes to be a meaningful ingredient in the microgeographies of place-making, through the workings of affect, emotion, and atmosphere, and how sound contributes to shape a variety of embodied and spatially situated experiences, and how such aspects can be harnessed methodologically. Project output includes a special journal issue, an edited book, two international conference sessions and conference papers.

Research group:
Karolina Doughty
Maja Lagerqvist (Stockholm University, Sweden)
Michelle Duffy (Federation University Australia)
Theresa Harada (Wollongong University, Australia)

In collaboration with:
University of Stockholm
Federation University Australia
Wollongong University