Evaluation of Danida Support to value chain development

Independent evaluation of the Danish support to Value Chain Development (VCD) to assess Danida's support to value chain development, to systematise lessons learned and to provide recommendations for future Danida support in this area.

Within the framework of Danida support to agriculture, fisheries and broader business sector development, (elements of) value chain development approaches were introduced from around 2003. With the emergence of Danida Growth and Employment Programmes in 2009/2010 (and recently Danida Green Growth Programmes), value chain support was included in most bilateral agriculture and private sector programmes. This also included private sector support under the Danida Neighbourhood Programme in Eastern Europe as well as the regional programmes in Central America and East Africa.

Analytical design and methods

The evaluation covers Danida bilateral support to value chain development over the period 2003-2013. The evaluation work includes establishing an overview of the approaches used and the documented results of the entire portfolio.

The overall approach to data collection and analysis is theory-based, using a mixed-methods approach, combining quantitative data analysis with qualitative methods. To the extent possible, the evaluation team aims at making use of quantitative data to indicate any possible changes and results occurred due to the Danida VCD support.

During the inception phase, a comprehensive assessment is carried out of the availability and quality of data set and information that could potentially be used for quantitative and qualitative analysis. Based on this assessment a strategy is prepared for additional data collection.

The evaluation analysis is based on three sub-products, produced during the implementation of the assignment:
  1.     Desk review of VCD interventions in 11 selected countries;
  2.     In-depth study in 3 selected field countries;
  3.     Literature study.