Dialogue among actors with different perspectives concerning drought (Louise Cavalcante de Souza Cabral)

Human influences on drought must be better understood, to manage drought better. Current frameworks for drought monitoring and water accounting focus on the natural boundary conditions and therefore offer little help in distilling human influences on drought.

The overall project ‘Diagnosing drought for dealing with drought in 3D’, in partnership with three Brazilian institutions: UFC, FUNCEME, and Embrapa, combines insights from socio-hydrology and water management to produce a new approach, incorporating three PhDs projects and one post-doc with different, but also combining goals. The project aims to build a toolbox for increasing the actors' drought preparedness in water and climate governance. 

Drought preparedness

Louise’s role in this project is to map out actor perspectives on drought preparedness and response through framing analysis. And, therefore build bridges between different actors’ perspectives about drought to develop context-specific and actionable knowledge to address drought in the north-east region of Brazil. 

The team

Her supervisors are: Prof. Dr. Art Dewulf (promotor), Dr. Ir. Pieter van Oel (co-promotor) and, Prof. Dr. Francisco de Assis de Souza Filho (UFC) (co-promotor). 

The project is funded by the Joint SDG research programme of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).