Drone mapping of mussel beds

The applicability of drones (UAVs) in marine monitoring is researched in running mussel bed projects within WOT by also analysing a selection of mussel beds with UAVs. The UAVs are equipped with different cameras such as RGB, hyperspectral and infrared. The search is for optimal techniques for mapping contours, but also for other parameters such as composition (oysters/ mussels), which will likely be needed shortly for fisheries and environmental policy regarding the oyster harvest in the Wadden Sea. Results will benefit the WOT programme, but will also be wider applicable within marine monitoring and research.

The goal of this proposed project is to explore the potential of using UAVs (drones) in mussel bed monitoring and research. The potential is expected to be high in terms of reducing field effort and thereby costs, but is also expected to offer a wider range of research opportunities than was traditionally available, or the same opportunities but with lower effort.