Dutch technology and know-how for sustainable potato production and storage in China

The general objective of this project is seed money for Wageningen UR to establish working relationships and exchange of knowledge and know how between the Dutch and Chinese parties with an interest in sustainable potato production.

Objectives of the project

  • Specific objectives for 2012 are:
    • To evaluate current potato production in China in terms of land and water use efficiency and carbon foot print for at least two important production regions.
    • To support a mission of a consortium of Dutch companies to China to develop their potato production and storage project.


  • report on the sustainability evaluation of potato production in China
  • A mission will be held in the week of 18 March 2013. Scientists of WUR-PSG will attend the potato workshop and present results of the sustainability evaluation of potato production in China. In addition, a TopSector project will be started at the workshop.