E-learning ‘Older adults and malnutrition’ aimed at caregivers

Many health care professionals have insufficient knowledge about malnutrition among older adults. Through this Dutch e-learning material, health care professionals who work with older adults can contribute to early detection and prevention of malnutrition.

The e-learning comprises four modules with knowledge clips, quizzes, and exercises to process the obtained information. It will take about five to six hours to complete the e-learning. The next four topics are included:

  • Module 1. What is malnutrition in older adults and how prevalent is it?
  • Module 2. How can malnutrition be detected?
  • Module 3. What can be done to prevent malnutrition?
  • Module 4. What is healthy nutrition for older adults?

The e-learning is developed based on existing literature. Part of the e-learning is developed in cooperation with international project partners. At the same time, the e-learning is designed to be specifically usable in the Dutch health care setting. The e-learning has been tested and the final version became available in January 2017.

Curious about the e-learning modules?

You can go through the modules by logging in to the e-learning website. You can create an account via the self-enroll button, after which you have access to the modules. You can also log in as a guest. If you want to use the e-learning for your organization, please contact the project leader. Several organizations already make use of the e-learning, among which the Dutch Malnutrition Steering Group, E-nursing and Buurtzorg.

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