Eagle-habitat interactions: foraging and breeding ecology of eagles in Africa

We study the ecology of large eagles, notably Martial, African Hawk, Fish, Wahlberg’s and Tawny Eagles, in southern Kenya.

African eagles are declining rapidly both inside and outside of protected areas, but the reasons for these declines are largely unknown. By studying these species’ movements, breeding rates, population size, diets, fecundity and survival rates, in relation to habitat and human presence, we aim to improve our understanding of factors that influence eagle population dynamics. Some of these projects are part of long-term ongoing monitoring, and in case of the African Fish Eagle project include some of the longest running eagle monitoring projects in Africa.

Activities in 2019/2020

  • Analyses of GSM tracking data of African eagles. So far we have tagged 25 Martial, 2 African Hawk, and 4 Wahlberg’s Eagles
  • Behavioral classification of transmitter data using ACC data
  • Diet studies, using camera traps at nests and GPS tracking information
  • Conduct nest surveys and banding