Eat2Move: center of excellence for nutrition and exercise

Eat2Move center of excellence focuses on the importance of diet and exercise for the condition of people. Eat2Move brings disciplines together and promotes interaction: between research institutions and companies, between the practice of (elite) sports and care. This creates synergy.

Innovation around nutrition and sport plays a central role in Eat2Move. The projects of Eat2Move are carried out according to a method called 3Vcyclus. This cyclus combines investigation, testing and implementation in practice. The cyclus has several steps: Exploratory research (‘Verkennen’ in Dutch), testing in experimental settings (Validate), disseminating knowledge and develop products and services and making these applicable (Valorize). The cycle cuts through the different substantive issues of Eat2Move. This method offers the possibility to address directly to new needs in the fields of sports and care and to turn these into a new project. 

Eat2Move Cycle

PhD projects

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