How do you assess whether someone meets the Food Based Dietary Guidelines? Researchers of Wageningen University & Research, together with the National Institute of Public Health, have developed the Dutch Healthy Diet-index 2015 (DHD15-index). The DHD15-index assesses to what extent someone adheres to 15 dietary guidelines. The Eetscore is an online questionnaire which assesses diet quality based on the index and can be filled out within 10 minutes.

Project information

The first version of the Eetscore was developed between 2012 en 2014. After the presentation of the new Food Based Dietary Guidelines by the Dutch Health Council, a second version was developed. This version will become available in September 2017. The Eetscore has been tested in a healthy population and evaluated for different purposes to enable a broad application. In addition, together with hospital Gelderse Vallei, the Eetscore is investigated for its effectiveness and feasibility in the hospital. In addition, a website will be developed to fill out the questionnaire, to calculate the scores, and to provide a targeted advice.

Practice-based research

The Eetscore is tested in an intervention study in 200 patients in Hospital Gelderse Vallei who have received an unfavorable result in a colon screening program. Therefore, they come to the hospital for a colonoscopy. In the Eetscorestudy, 100 patients receive dietary advice and 100 patients are assigned to the control group. Results of the study include the diet scores, anthropometry, and body composition. This evaluation will show whether this tool is suitable in practice to evaluate and monitor the diet quality of patients.

In the vitamin check by NutriProfiel® the Eetscore is used to evaluate the dietary pattern.