PhD - Application of energy conscious design principles in the planning and design of sustainable energy landscapes

This PhD research by Roberta Pistoni aims to examine the relations between energy conscious design and landscape design and to understand which principles and strategies are currently applied in planning and design practice.

The skills and roles of landscape architecture (as discipline) and landscape design (as activity) are also investigated. The research considers France and the Netherlands as case studies; nations that have in their political agenda strategies in order to transit from fossil fuels towards renewable and carbon-free sources. Furthermore, the two nations have an important and long lasting tradition in landscape architecture, but with different roles and involvement in energy transition processes. Read more on NRG Lab website.

This research is developed inside LAREP at the École Nationale Superieure de Paysage (ENSP) in Versailles/France under the supervision of Patrick Moquay and co-supervised by Sven Stremke of Landscape Architecture Group at Wageningen University/The Netherlands.