Enhancing the capacity of CNR staff

During this training programme, 33 lecturers of the College of Natural Resources (CNR) of the Royal University of Bhutan, were trained to design inter-disciplinary and market-oriented curricula and to build students' competencies to tackle complex societal problems such as sustainable development.

Interactive teaching approach

After having participated in a short course on Competing Claims, Dr Katel was so enthusiastic that he requested CDI to develop a joint project proposal and share the interactive teaching approach with his university in Bhutan. Some of the challenges they faced in Bhutan included a traditional way of teaching students, dropping number of students and little job opportunities for their graduates.

The Wageningen way of teaching

During this tailor-made training, 8 CNR colleagues visited Wageningen and participated in different lectures to get a taster of the Wageningen way of teaching. Furthermore CDI delivered two training courses in Bhutan to train CNR scientific staff.

The first training in Lobesa was very hands-on. Different teaching techniques and tools (that were observed in Wageningen) were reviewed and practiced in class. The staff evaluated itself on ability to apply student-centred methods in class very positively. Furthermore a curriculum scan was done to review selected undergraduate programmes on competence-based educational principles.

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