Escape (Erasmus+)

The ESCAPE project aims to develop an innovative training programme on marketing and business-related competences directed towards food technology students, and to evaluate the developed training programme via an experimentation phase in HEIs in three different European countries (France, Italy and the Netherlands).

The objectives are, to develop:

- A new training methodology based on the flipped classroom mode of instruction.

- An innovative learning platform for ESCAPE training, aimed at being used in different European countries. The pedagogy is based on 4 general modules and 3 country-specific modules. Each module will gather the essential theoretical notions and will be completed by practical activities.

- Theoretical training ending with an attractive and practical training session during the SIAL food fair: during five days, the students will be taught and mentored by food sales professionals and will have the opportunity to interact with each other through coaching activities. This will improve the quality and the effectiveness of the training. As a result, trainees will be more confident when faced with real-life work situations and will also be more qualified to provide innovative solutions to problems. This will ultimately lead to a better employability of the students.

- Demonstration phase in France, Italy and the Netherlands: A demonstration will be done in the three HEIs to evaluate and promote the project results.

- All in all 60 students (20 per country) enrolled in food technology Master’s programmes will be trained.