Evaluation of the combination of Natura 2000-areas

Merging several Natura-2000 areas could be beneficial. In this project, the opportunities and risks of such an arrangement will be mapped.


In Natura 2000 areas, the nature conservation targets have to be realized separately. But it involves many and sometimes relatively small areas. The legal merger of existing natural areas may in some cases improve the opportunities to realize Natura 2000 targets. Social economical activities that now have a negative effect on a target,  may have less or no effect for the merged area. It can also stimulate consistent management and ecological cohesion.
This project shows opportunities and risks of combining existing Natura 2000 areas, with the aim to improve regional bottlenecks and to use ecologically promising areas optimally. The study concerns the regions of Eastern Twente, Rijntakken and Laag-Holland.
In september 2011, the "Evaluation merger Natura 2000 areas" was send to the Dutch Parliament. The report is embargoed and internally available.