Farmers for Nature

It will be studied whether the project 'Farmers for Nature' can substantially contribute to the issues in the cnnection of agriculture, nature and landscape conservation and development, water management and landscape experience.


This project Farmers for Nature is in progress to analyze whether and how such an approach has a substantial contribution to a more diverse nature of rural areas, an improved water quality, an attractive landscape and more  involvement of citizens. Farmers for Nature is a vision of sustainable coexistence of agriculture and nature through an extensive farm system.
Alterra Wageningen UR seek answers on questions such as: How does Farmers for Nature form effective 'green blue services'? Can this example reinforce the quality of life in urban context? What role can it play around Farmers for Nature Natura 2000-areas? Leads Farmers for Nature indeed to a higher biodiversity and to a better water quality? Alterra works in cooperation with the Ministry of EL&I, farmers, municipalities, water boards, city regions, provinces, DLG, Stichting Boeren voor Natuur Twente, Stichting Vrienden van Biesland and various voluntary organizations.