Firm and Tasty Blueberries

The consumption of blueberries is growing steadily. Sustainable development for this market demands consistent, high quality to avoid disappointment upon purchase. Which quality parameters are most important here? This sub-project investigates how the chain can be optimised from producer to consumer, with the aim of achieving consistent quality in the form of a firm/crisp blueberry with a good taste. The development of a measuring method for the quality (particularly firmness and mealiness) of blueberries in the chain. The effect of harvest time and chain conditions on quality is also investigated.

Assessing the Texture

In consultation with the participating companies, it was decided to focus on texture, particularly mealiness. Assessing mealiness with a tool is a challenge, and a fast reliable method is still lacking. The quality (colour, texture, dry matter, weight) of a large number of berries is measured individually to establish an objective measuring method for the texture parameters (mainly mealiness). The sensory evaluation of the berries is used as a reference. An alternative measuring method based on the juiciness of the berries is also being tested to objectively measure their mealiness.