Follow-up project ‘Action team improving product composition’

In this follow-up project, SMEs are supported in improving product compositions with practical technological knowledge as well as relevant insights into the consumer acceptance of improved products.

The ‘Action team improving product composition’ follow-up project is aimed at providing the food industry (members of the Federation of the Dutch Food and Beverage Industry, or FNLI) with information and contributing to a healthier product range. It involves information on practical technological knowledge and insights into consumer acceptance related to improving product
compositions. In addition to receiving advice, companies are also supported in actually applying what they learn and given the opportunity to participate in a workshop with ingredient suppliers that provide solutions for salt, sugar and fat substitutes. The project consists of two work package elements:

WP 1 Advice meetings

This is the follow-up to the previous pilot project and involves 20 new
companies. In addition to advice, a come-back meeting is held around four weeks after the original meeting at the expert’s institute. The come-back meeting helps companies interpret their first results so that the advice and obtained knowledge can actually be applied in practice.

WP 2 Workshop Market-available solutions

This workshop for SMEs from the food industry and ingredient suppliers of salt, sugar and fat substitutes is aimed at transferring expert knowledge on improving the product composition and evaluating the flavour of various products. The product category is bakery products and

Contribution to a healthier product range

This follow-up project will contribute to a healthier product range and
healthier choices for consumers, as established in the National Agreement to Improve Product Composition which in turn will enhance public health. The initiative will help members of FNLI to continue reformulating their product portfolio by allowing them to discuss with experts the challenges they encounter in this process.