Fruit and vegetable intake in Vietnam en Nigeria

Low fruit and vegetable consumption is one of the causes of poor quality diet in low- and middle income countries and its negative effect on nutritional status and risk of non-communicable diseases is widely recognized.

Aim of the project

Our work aims to increase fruit and vegetable intake in low-income adult population in urban areas in Hanoi, Vietnam and Ibadan, Nigeria. This project focuses on three food system interventions, co-created with vendors and consumers, to address the issues of availability, accessibility and affordability of fruit and vegetable.

With this study we will assess the effect of an integrated food system approach on dietary intakes to increase quality of the diet in low-income population. It is conducted in collaboration with international and local partners.   


> Fruit and vegetable intake of females before, during and after introduction of three bundled food system interventions in urban Vietnam and Nigeria. (Pastori G., et al., 2023c).

> Fruggies for All - Evaluation of an integrated nutrition-sensitive project targeted to increase fruit and vegetable consumption in urban Vietnam and Nigeria. PhD Thesis (Pastori G., 2023 b)


‘Summary of results of Fruits and vegetables (fruggies) intake in Nigeria and Vietnam’