Gene bank of native trees and shrubs

The Centre for Genetic Resources Netherlands (CGN) supports Forestry Commission (SBB) in the construction and management of a genebank collection of native trees and shrubs. This work is performed by the Cluster Forest Genetic Resources (FGR) of the CGN.

The advices of CGN to SBB relate to prioritization in recording of new material, maintenance, rationalization and expansion of the collection. At SBB is a particular need for knowledge and understanding of proper identification and description of the recorded material to achieve an optimum composition of the collection. A better understanding of the composition of the collection stimulates the issuance and use of the genetic material to breeders and end users.

The objective of this project is the deployment of new marker technologies to support the ex situ and in situ management of our native trees and concerns:

  • The introduction of technological innovations within the existing molecular marker research collections characterized
  • Methodology development and application of marker technology for not previously studied species.

The Ministry of EL&I, breeders and users of genetic resources collections, managers of conservation organizations, consultants and planting the inspection Naktuinbouw are major users. (End) users have access to genetic material for new planting through the gene bank, or through the Variety Trees. This project gathers knowledge about the genetic diversity in this starting material and develops strategies for conservation and sustainable use of genetic diversity.