Geoland2 develop reliable, affordable and profitable European geo-information services for agricultural and urban land use, irrigation, monitoring of forests, crop forecasting and carbon cycle. Geoland2 is performed in the context of Global Monitoring for Environment and Security, an initiative of the European Commission.

Alterra Wageningen UR contributes to the subcomponents harvest prediction (CROP) and Agri Environment (AgriEnv). CROP focuses on methodology development and validation of quantitative monitoring of regional production with crop simulation models and satellite imagery. AgriEnv focuses on methodology development and validation of existing indicators of landscape structure and quality with remote sensing.

A good assessment and early information on the yield and production of agricultural crops for regions and countries is important both for the world economy and the timely identification of regions with surpluses or deficits. It is essential for the functioning of public authorities that regulate import and export of agricultural products, organizations that provide food aid, international organizations which monitor global food production and trade, and traders in agricultural products.