GreenCHAINge 3: Soft fruit

Gaining insight into the quality of soft fruit by finding out the cause of quality differences between parties in the chain. That is the goal of this subproject.
By means of large-scale monitoring at various parties, we are looking at relationships between cultivation and chain parameters and the respective quality of the product over time.

We are also seeking out specific biomarkers that are able to predict the shelf life. Here we look at how these possible biomarkers can be measured quickly and non-destructively, so that these measuring methods can be used in practice.

Expected results

The quality of strawberries depends on a large number of cultivation and chain parameters. From this research we want to identify the most important parameters, and model the relationship with quality in the chain. After the project, this knowledge will serve as the basis for businesses to develop their own quality system. Measurement methods are very important for this kind of system. The project will provide insight into the potential of innovative measurement techniques.

Achieved results

This project was concluded with a final seminar on Thursday 14 March 2019. The results achieved by this subproject are recorded in the following factsheets: