GreenCHAINge 6: Stone fruit

Measuring the ripeness of stone fruit without damaging the fruit, then tracking it so that consumers are offered fruit of equal ripeness. Those are the objectives of this project.

Ripening stone fruit is quite the challenge. The fruits do not ripen on the tree, but they do 'get older'. Once harvested, the fruit does ripen, but the initial ripeness and speed of ripening varies from fruit to fruit. For a long shelf life during transport, stone fruit is often picked unripe, but this can result in unripe fruit arriving at the store.

Project focus

This subproject focuses on plums and avocados. The ripening behaviour is tracked year by year. For plums: different varieties are looked at. Two types of experiments are conducted during the ripening process: 

  1. Non-destructive measurements are tested and it is assessed whether this can be used to achieve a homogeneous ripening;
  2. Action is taken to influence the ripening process.

Expected results

  • Insight into initial ripeness during the harvest of stone fruit;
  • Monitoring the ripeness indicators throughout the chain;
  • Models that predict the ripeness of stone fruit;
  • Protocols to achieve homogeneous ripeness on the store shelf.
  • Insight into the added value of packaging and logistics.

Achieved results

Dit project is afgerond met een eindseminar op donderdag 14 maart 2019. De behaalde resultaten van dit deelproject zijn vastgelegd in de volgende factsheets: