GREENINFRA 4BEIRA - Green infrastructure solutions for solving Beira’s stormwater and other problems

The key-objective of the project is to enable local stakeholders in the coastal city of Beira (2nd city of Mozambique) to solve their storm water problems by using green infrastructure as solution.

Important water issues arise at high populated Delta cities. The relation between the growing inhabitants and the increase of water problems due to climate change demands for serious solutions. When these cities are located at important transport and water hubs, these locations are also very important water storage locations. The classical solutions of mono-functional water use and water defends have reach their limits and are very inefficient and costly. At Alterra we find the solution in ecosystem services. Hereby, water and green systems are approach as functional elements, and will be used for a balanced and future-proof solution for a healthy and save living environment in delta cities. We combine our knowledge on ecology with technical solutions.


The key-objective of the GreenInfra4Beira project is to enable local stakeholders in the coastal city of Beira (2nd city of Mozambique) to solve their storm water problems by using green infrastructure as solution.

During the heavy rains large parts of the city are frequently being flooded due to a lack of proper storm water management. This flooding has serious health impacts for the 0.5 million residents and obstructs further urban and economic development of the city. Project developers, who recognize the city’s potential to grow significantly, hesitate to invest because of the poor estate development conditions. The city lacks capital to deal with storm water in a regular civil engineering way (e.g. extensive sewer systems). Urban green, which is widely present in Beira, may increase the water retention capacity of the city and will reduce soil erosion. Urban green also provides other benefits like food production.

Ecosystem approach

Wageningen Environmental Research and her consortium partners introduce an ecosystem approach for the city’s storm water management to the local actors in Beira. This new approach identifies opportunities to better utilize the urban green for urban climate adaptation, linked with the existing water management system and with the current demands for urban green (e.g. rice production). Sophisticated tools (like the Adaptation Support Tool from the EU Blue Green Dream project) as well as stakeholder process techniques including landscape design workshops are being used to enable the civil servants and citizens to better cope with the storm water issues. The approach will be applied on the city level and for a pilot residential area (Chota).     


Wageningen Environmental Researchs' urban ecosystem expertise (both environmental as socio-economic) is used in local stakeholder processes, creating awareness and providing practical insights about the benefits of urban green in dealing with the city’s problems.


  • Identification of key areas, city design concepts and effective stakeholder process approaches for the city of Beira on how to deal with storm water through urban green innovations.
  • Local urban professionals and citizens that are educated on how to better utilize urban green for climate adaptation.   

Further application possibilities?

  • Application of this ecosystem approach for the planned urban expansion areas of Beira.
  • Application of this ecosystem approach in other cities in Mozambique and Africa.