History of Dutch Energy Landscapes

The notion of ‘energy landscape’ receives more and more attention in both design practice and academia. But what exactly is an energy landscape? Can we identify different types of energy landscapes? How have they evolved through time, and what does this mean for designing and planning landscapes for renewable energies? Are we creating (or should we create) new cultural landscapes? By analysing what is already written on the topic of energy landscapes, insight upon its definition, its existence and its history is gained. This research project, which is commissioned by the Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE), aims to examine the notion of ‘energy landscape’ and other closely related terms. It intends to unravel the history of Dutch energy landscapes with a focus on the spatial dimension of past energy transitions. The results of the research that is being conducted by Jolanda de Jong and Sven Stremke will be presented in a scientific peer-reviewed article.