Houdbaarheid Begrepen (Understanding expiry dates)

The goal of the public-private partnership 'Houdbaarheid Begrepen' is to reduce all spoilage in retailers/on the shop floor and waste by consumers in their homes which is related to expiry dates. This project focuses on the development of effective interventions in the interaction between supermarkets and consumers.

Content of the research

During this project Wageningen University & Research and its partners will work on developing innovative concepts and services in the areas of smart shelf management and effective communication aimed at consumers. They will also look into scaling up promising solutions and further reducing spoilage and food waste. Furthermore, new business models will need to be developed in order to motivate consumers to deal with food in a more sustainable way.

The innovations and interventions which are developed will be carried out as a pilot project. In that respect, the three guiding principles are: consumer & conduct, smart retailing and innovative technology. The knowledge gained, the best practices and the lessons learnt will be integrated, which will increase understanding on the topic of expiry dates.

The economic added value of the project is as follows:

  • a reduction in spoilage in retail
  • a reduction in waste by consumers
  • lower waste processing costs
  • new activities