Agricultural technology transfer

Together with IFDC and other key national partners, CDI is supporting the creation of a private sector led agricultural technology transfer mechanism, which links research, extension systems and producers in Ghana.

As an integral component the USAID Feed the Future Agricultural Technology Transfer Project (ATT) aims to increase the availability of relevant, affordable technologies to improve the value chains of maize, soya and rice in Northern Ghana

The private sector led agricultural technology transfer mechanism is seen as key in linking research institutions, extension systems and local producers to a market driven approach to variety development and dissemination.

The project adopts a wide, multi-stakeholder approach and links producers, farm service providers, agro-input companies, and other private sector actors to research institutions, laboratories as well as governmental and regulatory bodies.

The ATT project focuses on the following three main components:
  • The seed component seeks to develop public and private capacities in relation to demand-driven production of breeding, multiplication, certification and dissemination, as well as providing technical assistance and support to seed companies, industry associations, agro-dealers and related networks.
  • The Integrated Soil Fertility Management (ISFM) component will identify new and existing ISFM technologies that can be implemented and scaled in Ghana. Developing the capacities of institutions in the fertilizer sector is seen as a key element, with a focus on quality and standards, advocacy, and labelling standards.
  • The research component aims to support PhD and Master level candidates to increase the number of Ghanaian seed breeders and soil scientists. The project supports the Savanna Agricultural Research Institute (SARI) to increase research efforts in identifying and developing new technologies as well as developing physical capacities through enhanced equipment and facilities.

In support of this project, the Centre for Development Innovation (CDI), utilises its experience and expertise in capacity development processes in many varied organisations, the facilitation of multi-stakeholder engagement processes, as well as employing technical knowledge in Integrated Seed Sector Development (ISSD) processes in several African countries.