INSPIRE Thematic Working Group

INSPIRE ensures that the spatially related data in Europe is well organized and is of good quality. This directive must also be implemented in the Netherlands and therefore participation in a working group on this topic is desired.


The European INSPIRE directive will help enhance the availability, quality, organization, access and exchange of geo-information (= spatially related data) in Europe. This information is necessary for the integrated approach to European policy on the environment (including nature). Commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment Geonovum implement this directive in the Netherlands.

The objective of the project is participating in the Thematic Working Group biogeographic regions, habitats and species distribution.

The results consist of concept data specifications for the three themes of biogeographic regions, habitats and species distribution. The project will be continued in 2011, but will be included in the project Infrastructure for Regulatory Information Natural Research Tasks (WOT IN).