Lake Berendonck clarified

Since the 1970s, diving team De Kaaiman has been diving in a restricted area of Lake Berendonck. Unfortunately, underwater visibility in the lake is very limited, and sometimes even distinctly poor. This compromises diving safety and diving enjoyment. The limited underwater visibility also means that De Kaaiman's underwater villa cannot be used optimally.

The diving pleasure is additionally negatively affected by the poor underwater flora and ditto underwater fauna.

De Kaaiman and the Science Shop jointly work towards improving underwater visibility in Lake Berendonck. This consists of two steps:

1) The research

Field research and laboratory analyses will be done done to better understand the causes for the poor visibility. In the field research, members of The Kaaiman play an indispensable role.

2) The implementation

Once we completely understand the mechanisms that drive the turbidity in the lake, an intervention can be designed and (depending on available finances) implemented. After the intervention, several parameters determining the turbidity will be periodically monitored.